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Here at Love You First we provide visual products to promote self love, self esteem, and style.

When you look in the mirror we want you to fall in love with person looking back at you, YOU🧡

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The "Love You First" brand supports and promotes self love. We hope that seeing our logo regularly by wearing the brand inspires our customers to "Do Something Different" by not always placing self in the background but seeing yourself as the star player.

  • Love You First Tech Shorts

    Our Men’s Love You First Tech Shorts are a great addition to any outfit. Why? They introduce effortless cool into your fashion mix. These shorts can be dressed up or down.

  • Love You First Denim Trench Jacket

    Every girl should have a Love You First Denim Trench Jacket. This cutie can pull together a casual outfit and comfy on the run look. How? Throw on a pair faux leather leggings, cute shirt, with some heels or throw on hoodie, joggers or leggings , with a pair sneakers add the trench to give an extra dose of style.